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Welcome to the wwPDB validation server

A run of the wwPDB validation software pipeline typically takes between 5 minutes and one hour. You will receive an email when a run is finished and can then go back to the website to download the results files.

Uploaded files will not be stored for more than 2 days and wwPDB will make every effort to keep your files confidential.

For a user-guide describing the contents of validation reports, please go to

If you have any suggestions for improvement of the server or the validation reports, please contact:

This is a preliminary version of the server with the following limitations:

  1. Only validation of X-ray crystal structures is supported.
  2. Any ligands or non-standard residues are not matched to the Chemical Components Dictionary.
  3. You can only excute one validation run at a time per account.

For a complete list of limitations of this server please visit

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wwPDB Validation Server

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